Hi everyone,

My team is just beginning to work with responsive design. (Better late than never, right?) We've mastered a lot of the basics, but now that we understand show/hide a bit better one of my colleagues has begun coding two full versions of the email. One is built to desktop specifications and one to mobile.

He's then wrapping the content in divs, applying a "hide" class everywhere, and essentially calling in a full email for desktop or mobile as needed.

My gut tells me this is a bad idea, but so far I haven't been able to come up with a convincing argument as to why we shouldn't do this. The mobile version is still pretty fluid; it's coded with a 100% width. Other than Lotus Notes, which we'd already written off as a lost cause, no one client or app show both versions -- not even gmail. The emails are a little heavier, but not terribly.

I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.