Just like everyone, I've been told that I'm restricted to 100k email size which is tough to stick to when dealing with animated GIFs.

I received an email from Flixel, the company that makes Cinemagraph Pro. It contained a complex animated GIF that obviously was being previewed when I first opened the email because it was grainy and choppy. But, in a few seconds, it was loaded up and fantastic. In Apple mail, the email itself was only 68k. When I dragged the GIF to my desktop, INFO said it was 9 MB!

So, the question is, how are they doing this? Am I downloading a full 9 MB file? They said they are using Hubsopt and that the GIF is loaded up on the open. But I need further clarification on workflow and tech before I feel comprtable offering it up in a design for my clients.