Emoji's have been shown to increase open rate when targeting the right audience.

So, I've started to do some research and testing on Unicode Emoji's in emails. So far, I've found there are tons of differences not only between OS and browsers but primarily in the mobile market. Not surprising as we all know.

Take for example:

"You have a đź’›" or "You have a heart of gold"

I used the Gold or Yellow heart (💛) which renders beatifully on iOS and Android 5. However, it appears as a pink hairy or prickly heart on Android 4.4.

Android Hair Heart Icon

This isn't new news for veteran emoji users (something I am not) but just think of what message you'd have sent to a majority of Android users only having tested on new devices. While Android 5 fixed this issue they only hold 34% of the market and Android 4.4 still holds the majority at 35%.

This raises the old question in Email: Do we target the least common denominator? Is there a way to gracefully have a fallback option for these? Or do we try for something unique and personalized within a select group?

Most users now have multiple platforms and devices so how do we keep things consistent? Especially, with the increasing mobile opens.

It's definitely an interesting area, what do y'all think?

Hair Heart Icon: http://blog.emojipedia.org/android-50-emoji-changelog/
Android Stats: http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html