So I recently started creating HTML emails for a freelance client, and I found out that Yahoo is the second most used client in his mailing list. You can probably guess that this means I'm having an issue with my email in Yahoo, and unfortunately with that many people using it I do need to fix the issue. After banging my head against that wall for a while I narrowed my issue down to Yahoo is ignoring display:inline-block in my media queries. After running through a few threads I didn't see anyone mentioning this issue, so I'm hoping that I just missed it and there is a fix.

For reference, here's the template for this client's email, and the issue is in the header bar.
Public Link
The header should display all three items in a single column in phone size, then the logo on the left and the contact info stacked on the right in mid resolution, then all three in a single line on full size.

Thanks in advance for any tips or tricks.