After two years of developing email templates for my company, they have decided on switching to a new ESP at a corporate level. They can't be talked out of it at this point. This ESP has a WYSIWYG interface that allows you to upload or paste in HTML. It then strips out the doctype, head and body tags and the back end programming replaces it. In short, we can now only paste in the tables that would typically be inside the body tags of an email and can't access anything above or below the open/close body tags.

This is a HUGE setback for us since we've worked extremely hard to get clean, functional templates that pass HTML validation and Litmus tests for our clients. Add to this that we can't update the styles/media queries in the head anymore to design custom responsive templates.

This morning we tried something else. We moved our style tag inside the body tag just above the first 100% width table. We ran it through Litmus and it's displaying correctly in all email applications. I know this is against HTML semantics and that the style and media queries belong in the head. I've read tons of articles about why doing this is not right...except when I test it with Litmus it works so why shouldn't it be right?

Does anyone see additional issues with doing this? I fear that if we can't take this step, we're going to take an enormous step back in our development and disappoint a lot of clients who have come to expect good work from us.