Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if any one here has experienced any issues with Outlook for Mac? Specifically a similar issue as with Gmail when an email is simply too long and it gets cut off at the end of the email?

We work out of Responsys and the particular email I'm working on is a "modular" type of email where an undetermined number of "sections" get added to the email depending on how much information a specific user has associated to them. It's kind of like a main page of a blog where you have multiple blog posts displayed stacked and each post has a title, hero image, post snippet, etc.

The info for each section is pulled in dynamically (i.e. the title, image, snippet, etc). There is a maximum of 9 sections that can possibly get pulled in and it seems like whenever there is a 9th section that gets pulled in, it pulls in, but with no data populated. This happens in Gmail (as expected) but it's also happening in Outlook for Mac, but no where else. When you click the HTML version of the email, it looks the way it is intended to look.

I'm just trying to find out if this is a Outlook for Mac bug or if this is something I can fix in my code.