Hi, I recently switched over our company's email design templates to responsive using Litmus' template as a guide. It's awesome! I've tried to implement background images and it's worked to the best of my knowledge on most email providers except ONE, Outlook. I purchased the software yesterday to make my life easier with testing and I still can't seem to solve the problem on how to implement backgrounds for Outlook. Everything I read says they're not supported but on some sites offering work arounds, I'm actually able to ahieve the image but with messed up table alignment.

After hours of trial and error with implementing all sorts of code for a "bulletproof background" I'm on a deadline and at my Whits End. I need to find a solution, as I would love to be able to achieve this effect moving forward with other email designs. I've tried placing the background image in a table cell verse the entire emails background and have had slightly better luck.

Please help. A link to my 'not so awesome' email: http://email.equinoxfunds.com/aspect/medium-term_feb-16-FIX.html