Question about whether something is possible at all with hybrid/spongy code.

I have a table row. 3 columns. 1st column is the smallest, being a third the size of the table, and the other 2 columns are equal in size, taking up the rest of what's left. Currently I have 200px for the first, and 400px for the other two columns.

Using hybrid code I've got this sort of looking alright, but ideally, I want the logo on the left to be left aligned, and the two other text links to be more right aligned, but still centrally aligned in their respective table cells. Basically so there's a bigger gap between the logo and text links. ("Se Connecter to be closer to "Insérer une annonce")

Here's the current code:

I've been playing around with widths and alignment to see if I can stretch that space in between the two tables but haven't come up with anything that really works. What I've got now works, but not ideal - wanted to see if there was a better way to do this. Cheers!