This contest is now closed.

It's been a while since our last Community Contest, so let's remedy that.

As it's February—the month of Valentines, all things romantic, and absurd amounts of chocolate intake—we thought it'd be a great time to test out a slightly more topical Community Contest. With that in mind, here's your task:

Design a Valentine's Day email worth loving.

We're all accustomed to a flurry of Valentine's Day emails come mid-month, but most are of the run-of-the-mill variety and are immediately deleted. We're challenging you to put copy, design, imagery, and whatever clever email hacks you can think of to work in the best damned Valentine's Day email imaginable. We'll pick our favorite at the end of the month, with the winner getting:

  • 2 free months of Code School
  • 2 free months of Litmus Plus
  • A care package full of Litmus and Code School goodies
  • Some Valentine's Day-themed treats

About Code School

Founded in 2011, Code School is an online learning destination for existing and aspiring developers that teaches through entertaining content. With more than 40 courses covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Git, and iOS, Code School pairs experienced instructors with engaging, high-quality content that’s been inspired by its community and network of partners. More than one million people around the world come to Code School to improve their development skills and learn by doing. For more information, visit


If you want your entry counted, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Entry must be built for this contest. While you can use a concept you've sent before, don't just post the web link to something you shipped last February.
  • You must be a member of the Litmus Community.
  • You need to fill out your Community profile so that we can get in touch easier.
  • You must submit your design as a Builder embed in a comment on this discussion thread. Here’s how to do that.
  • All entries must be submitted on or before Friday, February 26, 2015.