Hi guys,

So we got this client who recently noticed that their emails don't look perfect on Iphone Gmail at first glance.

We normally don't have issues with our mails rendering on Gmail(nothing more than the usual) and we've even incorporated code that forces Gmail to display the desktop version of the mail(you know the min width hack). The mail renders fine on all other clients but now we're seeing this issue on Gmail on Iphone only.

Clicking on the button saying "this message has been modified to fit your screen. Tap here to show original." only shows up here on Iphone and I do recall I've read about it somewhere, but I just can't find it anywhere.

When you receive the mail

When you tap the button on the top

Any idea if we can force Gmail on Iphone to render it like we want to from the get go? or maybe it's just one of those things...