Hi, folks. I'm actually a client/business owner with some concerns about responsive design. Please forgive me for using layman's terms when referring to different aspects of email design.

I'm working w/ a new email marketing firm and discovered that their templates are not responsive in iOS Gmail app and Android default mail app.

39% of my email list are Gmail users. 34% are Yahoo users.

Right now, I need to dig deeper into my analytics and figure out what mobile email apps my customers are using to view marketing emails. From there, I can figure out what email apps to address in terms of implementing special code for responsive desgign.

Within Google Analytics, is it at all possible to track which mobile email apps AND operating systems my audience is using to open my emails? I had a look around GA but could not find any default tracking for this very thing. I'm wondering if I have to set up a special tracking code? Or is it just a matter of combining different parts of analytics to come up w/ the answer?

I figured I'd ask the experts before hiring a freelancer to attempt to implement code into GA to track something that CANNOT actually be tracked.

Thanks, guys!