I'm troubleshooting an odd issue where the right edge of a hyperlink in Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016 is not clickable. When hoevering over the right edge of a text link, the hand pointer appears, but clicking does nothing. This appears to be a bug with Outlook. Has anyone else experienced this?

You can reproduce by opening any email (even one from Litmus) with Outlook desktop client. Then hover over a text link and you'll see a small popup indicating the URL where you will be taken to. Then if you bring the cursor to the right edge (i.e. last letter in the link) of the text link you will see that the popup disappears and clicking the link in that particular spot does nothing.

This is especially problematic in an email where we have links that are one character long (use case of having a one character link is to allow the email recipient to choose a number between 1-10).