Has anyone had a problem with Google incorrectly converting an email into a Schema.org action? https://developers.google.com/gmail/markup/reference/hotel-reservation

Essentially, a client of ours has sent out an email with certain trigger words in their footer and Google incorrectly believes that it is a booking email and converted it into a hotel reservation card:

  1. 'Reference Number' (Google has converted this to Booking Number)
  2. '...bookings made between...' (Google converted this to the dates you are staying)
  3. 'Company Address' (This is the scariest....Google has found the nearest hotel to their company address which is a Marriot hotel and put that!!!)


Unfortunately, because Google has been too clever for it's own good - it's giving customers the impression that they have made a booking at this Marriot hotel and the number of complaints both our client (and the Marriot!) are receiving is crazy.

Is there some code you can put into your emails to force Google not to attempt to do this?