I've been using Action Rocket's Ghost Column Method in my emails without any issues and it's all be working like a charm.

Until yesterday. Though I'm not entirely sure where the problem is, as the exact same code I'm using for my side-by-side tables works in 1 out of the 4 rows. Well, works perfectly, with the widths of the tables being obeyed. In the others, the table widths are off.

Here's my Litmus test previews

It's only happening in Outlook 2007/10/13 (no surprises there). I've gone and used a file diff checker to see if I've done anything completely different or "wrong" with the sections of code, and the only differences are the values for the image sources, text, etc. Nothing else is different. So why would this sort of rendering bug happen?

Oh and I'm using the ghost columns on imagery at the bottom of the email, with the same set up of 5 side-by-side tables, with 2 being used as spacers, and it works perfectly there too. Argh!

Any clues?

(This campaign's already gone out :( Couldn't figure out this bug in time, BUT I'll be using the same template for another email and really want to smack this bug down!)