I'm struggling with trying to find a fix for this issue. My email has two logos at the top, in a table layout. The left cell aligns the image to the left, and the right cell aligns the image to the right. In all other browsers and clients, this works great and has worked for years. However a recent Yahoo change seems to be breaking this in Firefox and Chrome.

Here is a preview, with the problem in the final two previews: https://litmus.com/pub/f2320db

There seems to be CSS applied in something called "combo.css" at Yahoo that includes:

[dir] {
    text-align: start;

When that is applied to a RTL language, it seems to be forcing the equivalent of "text-align:right" which is breaking my layout, and I'm not sure how to get Yahoo to accept any overrides, as whatever I put in seems to be getting cleared out by their css formatter.

Do you have any recommendations on how to override this?

Thanks in advance,
-Dave Rambo