I'm the author of the Level Up! Newsletter (http://levelupnewsletter.info) and today one of my subscribers let me know that the newsletter is not showing in his CloudMagic client in his iOS 8 device.

I immediatley thought it was the old iOS 8 the offender, but when I installed the client on my iOS 9.2 device to test, I realized my assumption was wrong: the newsletter does not display at all either.

I decided to look out there to see if anyone has experienced something like this with CloudMagic and there's absolutely no documented incidents like this one. Not to mention that CloudMagic's FAQ's and help section is pretty much useless: they have a total of 12 FAQs in their site: http://help.cloudmagic.com/

So I decided to come here and ask the email Gods for help.

Any idea why is this happening?

FWIW, the last issue of the newsletter can be seen here: http://tinyletter.com/levelupnewsletter/letters/27-level-up-newsletter-dropbox-kills-mailbox-and-carousel-browser-trends-december-2015-css-in-the-modern-world-css-grid-layout-flexbox-cheatsheet-oocss-with-sass-php-7-men-and-women-learning-to-code-codepen-demos

Thanks in advance for any help, and Merry Christmas!