When it comes to the Gmail app - I've got the opposite problem from most people: I can't get the Gmail app to increase the font sizes in my email newsletter -
instead, Gmail renders desktop layout which makes the email impossible to read at all.

I've read through all the hacks that describe how to trick Gmail into NOT rendering but I haven't been able to effectively reverse engineer it and apply it to my own situation...

My email newsletter is built in ActiveCampaign using their drag n drop editor (so others can easily edit going forward) but Gmail seems to revert back to desktop view at odd times:

  • if I have 14 text blocks - when I add a 15th text block, Gmail stops rendering mobile view
  • if I increase the font from the default 13px in the AC editor, Gmail stops rendering mobile view
  • etc

Not sure if it's just weirdness with the ActiveCampaign drag n drop editor but I'm hoping someone can provide some insight on how I can ensure that Gmail app renders the mobile optimized version?

Thank you in advance... I'm at a loss!!!