How many of you out there have gotten an email from a customer that said the email they put together for you to send isn't showing images in their email? How many have had to look up or write specific instructions tailored for the customer's email? How many find that this situation is a waste of your precious time when you could be doing something more productive?

There's plenty of resources in how to keep images from being blocked in email from a coder's perspective, but I haven't seen much for instructions on how to unblock the images in emails for the end users. There's plenty of email clients and etc. to choose from but I really haven't seen them consolidated in a list rather than surfing for each version in multiple sites. If anyone has a better list put together and broader scope please feel free to share.

I've found one that lists a few but not all of course. Benchmark Display Images In Email

Another resource worthy sharing is Campaign Monitor's Will It Work reference table for image blocking.