Is anyone here using iContact for email sends? I'm creating a custom template for my client and iContact seems to strip out all our responsive code. According to their support, their editor doesn't allow for:

Script tags
Object tags
Embed tags
Microsoft tags (e.g. <mso>, <msword>)
Class and ID attributes
JavaScript in HTML tags and attributes
Frame tag

We tried using their provided template code as a base, but still encountred problems with Android 4.4 in Litmus testing. Even their own templates did not work in Android 4.4 when run through Litmus with no changes.

So either Litmus isn't working (doubtful) or iContact isn't supporting Android 4.4 (more probable). I don't use iContact often, most of my clients use MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, so I don't know if I'm just missing something. Anyone have ideas or experience with iContact and responsive templates?