For some reason, my Limus Builder live preview of an email is perfect in every client but completely mangled in the Gmail App. Here's a side-by-side comparison of Android 4.4 (correct) and the Gmail App (so wrong)...

Android vs Gmail

I don't even know where to start. Even the header is broken as it's not going the full width for some reason, but I really can't understand how the "Layar is Hiring!" part can get outside of the white background container that it resides in. It looks like there's a </td> missing somewhere or something, or some sort of colspan issue, but like I said, this looks perfect on EVERY other test client (save for Lotus, I don't test those).

I tested this email IRL with an Android device and it looks fine, but that phone might be too new or have a different/larger resolution than the one used for Litmus previews. Basically I can't reproduce this on an Android device but the previews look like this. I also didn't used to have this issue until I noticed it recently, so I can't tell if it's me or if maybe Litmus is having an issue?

Edit: Here's a builder link -->