So, I know this debate comes up every now and then, but I still think it’s a good one to have.

Do you think we’ll ever have standards for coding emails?

There have been various movements in the past to get email client developers to support a standard level of HTML and CSS, allowing designers to build campaigns more consistently and efficiently, but nothing’s come of them, yet.

Is it just a pipe dream to expect vendors to get on board similar to how they did with web standards? More importantly:

  • What’s holding them back?
  • What would an email standard look like?
  • And is there anything we can do to bring about change?

We've also got an interesting post on the topic over on our blog. Check it out and weigh in on the conversation.

My own take is that we’re not likely to see a standard anytime soon (if ever). A large percentage of email clients are essentially legacy apps that no one is willing to significantly update. And while we are all clamoring for better code support, most consumers haven’t even thought about the issue. Vendors are in the business of pleasing users, not marketers, so until those users get sufficiently fed up with terrible looking emails, they don’t have any real motivation to change anything.