Does anyone have any recommendations on a reputable list validation service? We have a very large list that appears to have some bots in there; we get far too many clicks on certain links the immediate moment that we send out our campaigns, every time. We'd like to get a better idea of what our true click rates are without those pesky robots tainting the analytic results. I'd like to get our entire list validated and cleansed of the robot invasion.

I know there are a number of free services out there, but I don't entirely trust them not to take emails from our list and sell them to third parties. I know some ESPs offer a validation service, and in fact some won't even let you upload a new list without them validating it for you, but unfortunately our ESP doesn't provide this service for us.

The options out there are overwhelming and there doesn't seem to be much information on who can be trusted, as none of the services are any names that I recognize. Some of the list validation services actually advertise that they sell lists, and for obvious reasons I want nothing to do with such a company that doesn't adhere to the most basic of rules in email marketing.

We already have a very good deliverability rate and spam score, and hard bounces are not an issue, so I'm not super concerned about invalid email addresses, but really just removing those bots and any possible spam traps. Though I understand that most validation services don't know which addresses are spam traps, as is the nature of a spam trap. We're not opposed to using a paid service either, assuming the prices are reasonable.