It’s been about a week since TEDC14, enough time for me to reflect and think about how it all applies to my work. Here are few changes I’ve begun to make:

  1. I’m all in with Sublime Text. Previously I used Dreamweaver, Sublime, Coda, or whatever was on the computer I was using. After seeing the custom setups and time-savers a few TEDC folks had, I decided to invest in one editor.

  2. I’m making my own version of Jay and Megan’s email planner. Email planning, approving, and reporting are pain points for me.

  3. I started looking into building emails using a static site generator. I’m not sure how much this will benefit the types of emails I work on, so it’s a pet project for now.

  4. I’m paying more attention to which links people are clicking. I want to know how many people scroll (especially on mobile), which will inform my ongoing designs.

  5. I don’t purchase as many mailing lists as I used to. Kidding… just kidding.

I also use Litmus Builder (of course) but since I work on websites and apps too, it doesn’t make sense for that my editor for everything.

Over to you: what have you started looking into since TEDC?