Hello! I recently published a tutorial on how to make a modern, responsive email with Inkcite that I wanted to share with y'all. I hope you'll take a moment to read it here: http://blog.inkceptional.com/build-a-modern-responsive-email-with-inkcite/

Inkcite is a free, opinionated workflow tool I have been using for many years to simplify the creation of modern email. Inspired by Jason Rodriguez's Email is an Open Book I made it open-source a while back. The Inkcite framework allows you to type less code and keep your emails DRY (don't repeat yourself), optimizes your images, minifies your HTML, gets instant Litmus previews (of course!) plus a ton of other powerful features.

The tutorial is meant as a gentle introduction Inkcite - it walks you through starting a new project and creating an email with fluid images that swap on mobile, column-stacking tables and web fonts.

Thanks for checking it out!