Hi there,

Ok here's my issue. I have used the Zurb Ink template for an e-mail and it's working in everything EXCEPT outlook and Gmail.
In Outlook it's not showing images (except for outlook 2011 and 2016 in which it works perfect.

And in Gmail it shows both the mobile images aswell as the desktop images.

the content for mobile i've putt between <!-- [mso9]--> and <!-- <endif>--> (in the code i used the correct way, not sure if i typed it correct here)

Also i have responsive classes that give you the show-for-desktop, hide-for-small ect. like most of us who use zurb ink templates use, know

the mobile content that needs to be hidden is in a class

.hide-for-desktop {
  max-height:0; /* Gmail*/
  mso-hide:all; /* Outlook clients*/  
 overflow:hidden; /* Generic */  

what is wrong here?