I've been playing with Fabio's template from TEDC 2015 and making a template that is responsive without media queries for gmail app (with some media queries for iphone etc)

The original template looks great, but in my own application of it, some issues come to light.
1. For our design, each column will have a different colour and the background is the colour of the body background.
2. We have 1, 2 and 3 column stacks, all of which end up different widths when stacked because max-width has to be set at different values.
3. Because each of the columns are set on just the email background, it makes it look ugly because the widths of columns are different widths. It's made worse when there's a lot of text in the columns.

My question is, in gmail app (so without media queries) is there no way to force the width to 100% for all columns, or make them all the same width?

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