Is it possible to centre a <table> nested in a <td> using CSS alone and no HTML attributes.

It needs to work in all version of Outlook.

I know I can just add the align="center" attribute to the table but I'd really like it to be CSS only. Nothing seems to work. text-align doesn't effect tables, margin: 0 auto; doesn't work in Outlook.

It's not a big hassle to add the html attribute but it's one of the only things I can't do in CSS.

Why? I'm trying to create a SASS version of my framework and would like to be able to deal with all presentation styles in CSS.

Just to be clear:

    <td class="button-wrap">
      <table class="button"> <!-- Centre this table inside it's parent <td> without using HTML attributes --> 
        <tr class="">
          <td class="">
            <a href="" >Button link ></a>

Thanks in advance for any comments.