This question is a bit less about design and more about functionality of Pardot. For Pardot users or anyone who has used Pardot and their preference center - We are having a difficult time getting it to function the way we want. We created the types of emails we send as the lists (Topic-Based Webinars, Product Webinars, Monthly Newsletter, Blog Updates, etc). The issue is, when we promote webinars in particular, we don't want to send to the entire "Product Webinar" list because some of our webinars may be focused on beginners. We have other smaller dynamic lists like "Nurturing Leads" that we have opted in to the Product Webinar lists. So we would send to this list, but need a way to suppress anyone who opted out of the "Product Webinar" lists. We find it hard to believe that every company that uses Pardot is just able to send to the lists they have listed on the preference center, but perhaps there is something we are missing. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Pardot support hasn't been very helpful here.