Hey guys,

We've had a bit of an odd request from a client, to have their images attached to their emails being sent, and the src attribute referencing those attached images.

I have done some initial searching and found you can convert an image to base64 code which worked, in some clients. And that gets around attaching the image.
But it bumped up my file size considerably, and I only tested that on one image. Not to mention the support was horrible.

I have also found info on editing the mime type and having a 'Content-ID' and inserting a cid reference into the images src attribute, but I couldn't find info on where to add this snippet, and where I get these funny codes people are spitting out, which come after the normal name and extension reference("name.jpg**insert funny code here**").

Most, if not all sources advised against embedding images, but I want to do a write up on the pros and cons for the client and present my findings to them, instead of just outright saying NO!!!

Anyone dealt with this jibba jabba before?

Any help or info would be much appreciated.