Hi there,

I'm new to the email coding world so forgive me if I make some sort of amateur blunder!

I've been coding emails for a company I used to work for for a few months now, and I've just been coding them using tables with set widths and heights as it seems the best way to ensure consistent results across most platforms. I'm now looking into making my emails responsive so that they show up nicely on an iphone for example, I've scoured the net and found a few good articles (mostly on this site) about responsive issues etc.

What I really need to know is whether I can use the code that I've written and then add @media queries to create layouts that will appear as I want them to on mobiles and tablets? So the email will be made up of a fixed width/height tables when viewed on a computer email client but when someone views it on a mobile device it changes layout to one that utilises some CSS to make it responsive.

If anyone has some links or examples that would help me out, it would be very much appreciated.