I came across a strange issue with a campaign last week with floated tables in Safari 5.1.7 (Windows). Essentially it seems despite the following:

a) The table having a set width
b) Having align left set on the two tables

Safari treated the table as 100% width, so the float method was completly useless, and the visual output was more like the stacked view on a mobile.

Using the developer tools in Safari and Firefox (for comparision), its clear how differently the table was rendered.

View the screenshots

The only solution that seems to work thus far is setting the display property on the containing table with the align attribute, creating the float. Various values for display seem to work and correct the rendering to what it should be.

I originally discovered this in Safari 5.0 after an inbox inspection from AOL Webmail (Yeah I know) was running under Safari 5.0 and then led me to render the email locally in Safari 5.1.7 (Windows) and discover the issue first hand.

Anyone seen this before or know more about the reason for different rendering? I know Safari is no longer maintained on Windows and therefore its version of webkit is old, but still this seems crazy!