Just wondering if there is a typical "path" to getting involved in email coding. It just strikes me as something that a lot of organizations don't really care about, and often don't have a position for, and somebody "with a knack for it" winds up doing it.

Are most of the people here on this forum in positions that are just basically to do with email coding, or do you have general marketing duties as well (is it considered a thing that "the marketing person" does)? Are you considered "technical" or "non-technical"? Also, have any of you ever had to make a case to your employer for, you know, actually caring about how your emails look and respond going out?

I recently worked at an institution where they had ~20 web developers and none of them knew (or cared) anything about email coding; it wasn't anything that a web dev does (and they certainly didn't have any knowledge about how email actually gets delivered). They wound up having an outside consultant generating emails for them on a Wordpress platform.