From my research and experience I avoid image based emails like a plague. I am tasked with discussing this with many people in my company; designers who want to design the heck out of our emails but don't know too much about restrictions regarding email clients, code, etc. I have to make a case as to why it is bad practice to have image based emails. That is, emails that are almost purely images with little to no actual html text. I understand that gives them all the freedom they want for design, however as far as I know the cons outweigh the pros. For a quick list here are some reasons I may bring up:

  1. The text on images will not be as clear and crisp as actual html
  2. Email clients will not really know the content and may be marked as spam
  3. Because there is no actual text there will not be a text version of the email
  4. Not every email client renders stacked images correctly, not to mention issues that may arise on mobile

My question for the more experienced people here is this- is my argument valid? Is it really that bad to have image based emails? Why or why not?

I appreciate any feedback on this topic.

EDIT: A lot of time has passed since I posted this and I've learned to find a good balance. However it is still an interesting topic and I'm glad people are talking about it. I'd like to remind everyone that we are talking about an email made up entirely of images.