As my inbox becomes increasingly more crowded, I quickly skim the emails I've received and, delete, unsubscribe, or (dun, dun, dun) mark as spam. What causes me to make this decision? The answer is simple: Is it relevant to me and do I care about it?

I, like all subscribers, expect messages to me tailored to me. And, if they aren't, then the sender isn't going to get the results they are hoping for (ie. opens, clicks, conversions).

To send relevant emails, brands can use a variety of techniques, including: segmentation of lists or dynamic content based on behaviors/attributes/etc., triggered emails based on behaviors, and personalization. However, getting these techniques right is hard. We've all gotten the infamous "Hello {first _ name}" or an email thanking you for attending a webinar that you didn't actually attend.

So, how do you get it right? What difficulties are you facing in sending targeted messages to your subscribers?

I'd also love to see examples of what brands are doing it well. Have any examples you'd like to share? I can go first :)

I LOVE What to Wear's emails. Every aspect of their email is personalized to me—and I genuinely look forward to receiving them every day. Not only is the weather forecast and events for the day customized based on my location in Boston, but clothing suggestions are personalized based on the fact that I am female and exercise tips are based on my preferred temperature range for physical activities.

What to Wear