Hello there!

Over the past 7 to 14 days, I have suddenly been receiving feedback from receipients about email not displaying properly. Width of emails are squeezed and the structure of the email explodes. This not only sticks to new email, but also occurs with old emails from months ago that were once displayed perfect. With our team testing locally, most browsers and devices have been tested OK and even repeated Litmus testing does not reproduce. This issue occurs with various users from around the country using different set-ups to view their email including Gmail for business and ordinary Outlook.

Have any of you recently heard or experienced inexplainable errors as such? If so what have you done to fix it? Is there some recent update, bug or issue I need to be weary of?

Here are some symptoms:

  • Occurs cross-client and cross-OS
  • User persistent: changing monitors or clients has no effect
  • Extends to emails from months back, once displayed perfectly
  • When forwarding email to colleagues, the mail is received broken. However when directly sent from ESP to the colleague, email is displayed perfectly (client mutates HTML?)
  • Once issue occurs, issue occurs for all inbound email from same server/ESP
  • Can not be reproduced by users with proper displayal, no occurances in repeated Litmus testing

For now I had this set on users error and settings, however the amount of users experiencing this has become somewhat significant. Help is much appreciated. Hand in hair at this point.