To give some background I am the designer within my businesses marketing team. When crafting emails my team recommends adding hyperlinks to the images within the email regardless of whether the image has any CTA within it (or even words at all sometimes). I am curious if this is a best practice in email design or not. Our campaigns typically include two buttons (one at the top "above the fold" and one below the driving CTA). I always make sure to make the buttons relevant and our CTAs are always very action and time oriented.

From an experience standpoint I am concerned about someone accidentally clicking on these larger images when scrolling (especially on mobile) without realizing the point of the email per se. We have done some testing around this and have gotten mixed results that are hard to validate one way or the other. My team's thought is that it provides more opportunity to get clicks, my apprehension is that they could be accidental clicks or intentional clicks but miss the point of the email. Also we already include two buttons that are always very visible that the opportunity is already there.

Am I overthinking this small detail or am I justified in my concerns in the user's experience with these emails? I'm interested to hear some of the community's views on this topic and if anyone can explain the benefit of additional click points within the email.

Thanks for the feedback!