iOS9 has certainly been giving us quite a few headaches this week!

On top of the weird behaviour that Rémi originally reported from the Beta, I'm also seeing weird mystery space being added in the Mail app on iPad:

Extra padding being added to body in iOS9 Mail app on iPad

The markup has body:before {content: 'body';} to show that the light green is the body tag.

It seems to me that the padding is being added to the body, but there is no way to remove it. I've tried everything I can think of.

Obviously it makes plain-text emails look lovely and line up with the UI elements, but on many HTML emails it's a disaster. It's a big pain if you have a body background colour but then also want your tables to fill the viewport horizontally. This makes everything look quite weird because your tables end up with 47px on either side where the background colour shows through.

In the end I had to solve my problem by adding a div to wrap around all the content, and applying the background colour to that. I hid the div code in <!--[if !mso]><!--> and <!--<![endif]--> to hide it from Outlook because this is a template and the emails end up really long and I want to avoid the Outlook page-break bug. I don't really like using conditional code hacks in the HTML though so I'll keep trying to find a more elegant solution.

Nightmare!! h8 u, apple.