Unfortunately Microsoft decided to go with the Word rendering engine for the new Windows 10 email client. This has a huge impact, because already 80 million people use Windows 10, which comes with this e-maill app as default. To make the matter worse is the fact that our VML-fallback for background images doesn't work anymore (http://backgrounds.cm/). It sees the code, it tries to display the image, but for some reason the image doesn't display, instead you'll see a ugly transparent overlay with a 'nice' red-cross.

**I tried everything I can think of: **

Instead of a full-url with HTTP , I tried "//this.is.the.location/image.jpg". That doesn't work at all.
Base64: I was hoping to fix this with inline base64 images, which doesn't work at all

And now I am out of options. This is a very big problem since we have a lot of clients that make use of this technique, and considering millions of people will use this e-mail client the impact will be huge!

I think we all should put some effort in finding a workaround..