Hi! I'm trying to work through making a grunt build script to help out with my email templates. I am following https://github.com/leemunroe/grunt-email-workflow as a guide. The part I keep getting stuck at has to do with adding litmus analytics to my email. My first thought was that I could just add the litmus provided code to a YFM scalar, or variable. When trying that, Assemble threw some errors relating to (I think) the special characters contained in the code, like @ and #. So for the time being, I am doing a find and replace on the variable part of the litmus code, for example: bd2dauff, and using that in my YFM.

The second wrinkle is this: my grunt script also runs my emails through a premailer to inline my css. So this means that the Litmus analytics code is also being processed, which is specified to add the code after inlining has been applied. Not being super familiar with grunt, I was curious if anyone else has encountered these problems and if you have any recommendations for overcoming it? An example of the provided litmus analytics code is below, if you don't know what I mean.

<style>@media print{ #_t { background-image: url('https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?p&d=%%Email%%');}} div.OutlookMessageHeader {background-image:url('https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?f&d=%%Email%%')} table.moz-email-headers-table {background-image:url('https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?f&d=%%Email%%')} blockquote #_t {background-image:url('https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?f&d=%%Email%%')} #MailContainerBody #_t {background-image:url('https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?f&d=%%Email%%')}</style><div id="_t"></div>
<img src="https://bd2dauff.emltrk.com/bd2dauff?d=%%Email%%" width="1" height="1" border="0" />