I've got a newsletter that I'm working on, that has a section where two articles are side by side in desktop view, then stack on top of each other in mobile view. Below each is a CTA button, however if the length of the articles are different then the buttons don't horizontally align because the buttons are being padded down after the text, the longer the text the further down they are pushed down.

Is there a trick/layout/method that will allow me to bottom align the buttons so they are pushed down by the longest column, but both line up? I have no clue how to achieve this really short of trying to find example emails that do the same sort of thing and trying to re-use the code.

I know if it was just a fixed width email, I could just put the buttons in a seperate table underneath and they would both line up, but i can't do this as the order will stack wrong, would end up with text, text, button, button, rather than text, button, text, button.