Hey, all. I just wanted to introduce you to your new best friend—Snippets. If you scroll up to the navigation bar, you'll see a new tab for Snippets, which will now take you to our new Snippets page in Community.

What are Snippets? Well, they're reusable code examples with which you can do a whole bunch of things, like:

  • Create new Snippets to share with the Community
  • Tag by email client and type for easy sorting
  • Browse other people's Snippets for inspiration
  • Favorite Snippets to collect them
  • Copy Snippets to your clipboard to use in your favorite editor
  • Save Snippets directly to your Builder account

That last one's the real kicker—you can easily save any Snippet to your Builder account, set up a trigger, and start working with them immediately.

We're really excited to see what everyone starts sharing and look forward to building what we hope is the ultimate code repository for email designers.

Snippets are really easy to work with, but if you want to see them in action, check out this quick video that Kevin recorded a bit earlier.

Snippets Video