Hi all,

I'm trying to get a WebType webfont to work in email, but so far not so good. The way WebType works is they provide you a <link> tag with their CSS. If you open that CSS, you'll see something like this:

body:after { content: ''; background-image: url(//pls.webtype.com/v.gif?ct=XXXXX); }
@font-face {
 font-family: "Font Name";
 src: url("//cloud.webtype.com/webtype/XXXXX");
 src:  url("//cloud.webtype.com/webtype/XXXXX#iefix")  format("embedded-opentype"),
  url("//cloud.webtype.com/webtype/XXXXX") format("truetype"),
  url("//cloud.webtype.com/webtype/XXXXX") format("woff"),
  url("//cloud.webtype.com/webtype/XXXXX#web") format("svg");
 font-style: normal;
 font-weight: normal;

Where XXXXX are very long identifiers which identify the font and us as a customer, probably.

When implementing this on your website, you need to add the domain on which you'll be using the webfont to your configuration at webtype.com. I don't know how this works technically (is that what the GIF is for, to identify where the font call is coming from?), but apparently it works.

I've been in contact with WebType, and they say they use CampaignMonitor to send their emails, and added the CampaignMonitor domain createsend.com to their configuration and it works for them. We use Selligent to send our email, they use emsecure.net as their domain but we also have a subdomain of our own website that we use as a sender for those emails. I've added all the domains I can think of to our configuration, but no webfonts!

I've tried the <link> method, but have also added the whole @font-face stack directly in the email. Just now I've even tried adding the GIF directly in the source of the email, but in Litmus it shows up as a broken link. When I copy/paste the GIF url in my browser, I just get the 1x1 pixel I was expecting.

I'm out of ideas, and so is WebType. I'm hoping any of you have experience with WebType specifically, or with other commercial webfont providers, and can help me find out what the problem is!