Hi folks,
When I have 2 tables aligned left (i.e. 300px width one and 300px width the other, wrapper table 600px width) (so I can stack them on mobile), the right one gets pushed bellow of the left table in Outlook. I always make sure the width of these 2 tables makes the full width (i.e. 600px) of the wrapper table but I never managed to make them fit on the same line - they always break in Outlook. I always end up making the tables smaller but then they won't align on the right (if there is a border on the right table it looks bad since is not aligned with the right edge of the layout).

I use this for tables:

<table style="border-collapse:collapse; mso-table-lspace:0pt; mso-table-rspace:0pt;">

and this for TDs:

<td style="border-collapse: collapse;">

Did anyone know a fix that works?

Cheers, Vic