Hello folks,

unfortunately I am pretty unsure about the Windows Phone 8 E-Mail-Client and I could use some help with it.

At the time I am developing a responsive HTML-Newsletter with Zurb Ink. Since now everything is working fine and it looks great in nearly all clients. There are only two exceptions: Lotus Notes and Windows Phone 8. Lotus Notes won't be a problem, since it's irrelevant for our customers. But WP8 does have some potential for the future. So I am trying to optimize the newsletter for it. But the results are rather poor.

The problem is that everything I tried for the WP8 optimization didn't really help and also led to problems in other clients. I tried various things like special Meta-Tags, like <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> but it also didnt help.

While I did some research on the web, I found some people saying, that it is not worth all the work, because all WP8 E-Mail-Clients on different devices would show the HTML-Mails in their own way, which would make it nearly impossible to test and optimize. Then I found others who said that the WP8-client was great because it would even interprete media queries and CSS 3.

So I am feeling a bit helpless right now about what to think and what to do. Is there maybe anyone out there who could give me some good piece of advice?

Thank you in advance!