I'm always on the lookout for great email designs, but I'm having a problem saving them. I would love a way to take screenshots of the original emails, but since I used Gmail accounts I haven't found a browser extension that works. And of course, most designs will "break" if I forward the emails.

I've used Litmus's Scope and LOVE that service, but since I don't have a paying account (and can't afford it as an individual) it's not a permanent solution. I've tried using Evernote to save them, but the designs degrade outside of the the email client (mostly tables don't hold layout).

Now I've seen people post screenshot images before, mostly to sites like Pinterest. So how do they do it?

What tips, tricks or alternatives do you have?

p.s. I used a "junk" email account to subscribe to newsletters and the like. But sometimes I get really nice emails sent to my main account, usually from services that I genuinely like and use (like Evernote), and want a way to save those too.