This morning had an unusual set of ups and downs. The coffee was 5 thumbs up (I like Tully brand) and I also noticed my Yahoo inbox had a facelift (a good thing, perhaps). I use Chrome and noticed immediately that the fonts were crisper than normal. The next thing I know, the inbox asked if I wanted to change my theme. Sure, I like seascapes. Why not? All good... and then...

As I reviewed the mail in my inbox, I noticed that every email was slammed left and all the background colors were missing.

I started going through all my mail. My Yahoo client is where I collect samples as an email marketer but also for things that I like. There's a lot in my inbox. I logged out of Chrome and into Firefox. I scratched my head. I tweeted. No word from @YahooMail yet, but @EmailonAcid has noted the changes.

So, are other folks noting that Yahoo had made some changes to their desktop client? Anyone have anything specific to share. I love a good mystery. As long as we find out who-done-it, to-whom, with-what.

Joi Brooks
Tech Support