I've been using SVG images in email for a while now and recently came across a new bit of code for a fallback that looks like it migh thave better support than my current code.

So here's what I'm testing:

<svg width="153" height="52">
    <image xlink:href="http://www.learningpeople.co.uk/imgs/the-learning-people.svg" src="http://www.learningpeople.co.uk/imgs/the-learning-people-footer-logo.png" width="153" height="52"/>
<!--[if gte mso 9]>
    <img src="http://www.learningpeople.co.uk/imgs/the-learning-people-footer-logo.png">

From my litmus test

Desktop works well (with a conditional comment for Outlook 07+ and I'm ignoring Lotus notes 8 and down for now).

Mobile works well (apart from the gmail app).

Webmail Has no support at all.

I've not seen webmial clients work so unifomally like this before. I had a quick look at the code and it looks like most are replacing it whith white space and gmail is replacing it with a load of empty <u></u> tags.

Any thougths?

I'm thinking maybe if I can target all webmail somehow I can look at another hack. It's probably not going to end up cleaner than my current code but thought it's interesting to look at.