I'm working on a template that needs to work on Android 4.4, so I've been using floating tables to get everything in the right place (and using Outlook 2007+ hacks).
Now the template works well in pretty much all mail prorgams, like Android 4.2 Gmail app and Android mail app, all iPhones, Outlook 2007+ and Android 4.4 mail app and Outlook.com app.

Only on Android 4.4 Gmail app it goes wrong. The 2 columns floating tables that should show side by side (without space in between) are shown stacked.

I've tried to get them to float correctly again by added an extra pixel to the table, and by adding a spacer image of 700px with a min-width of 700px. But nothing works. I'm getting a bit desperate here...

You can find the complete html here: http://subscriber.e-mark.com/online.php?db=7V316&mailing=E957V0

Any ideas how I can fix this problem?