I'm wondering if anyone has any insights into best practices for from and reply-to addresses. I'm well aware of the basics (avoiding "no-reply", making the address friendly/inviting, monitoring/repsonding to replies, etc.), but am interested in opinions on a few cases I've been running into with clients.

More specifically, I'm wondering if it is bad form to use a reply-to address with a completely separate domain from the original from address. I have a client that acts as a holding group for a distributed network of brands. Due to technical limitations at the brand level they want to send an email via a corporate domain on behalf of the brand. All replies would be directed to the brand by using a separate reply-to address (scenario outlined below). I'm concerned that the experience may be disjointed and could cause some confusion for the subscriber, especially since the corporate name isn't as recognizable to the end subscriber. Any thoughts?

From Name: Brand Name

From Address: sales@corporatedomain.com

Reply-to: customerservice@brandname.com