Hoping someone can help with this as I am coming up short with where to begin debugging. Link to my test results is below - as you can see, most results (minus mobile) are rendering relatively correctly except for Outlook 2013.

TEST RESULTS: https://litmus.com/pub/2c58516

My code divides my layout into 2 tables (with all styling applied inline) and while the bottom table seems to display appropriately, I lose pretty much everything in the top table. All elements are pushed to the edges and text becomes centered and loses it's styling. Outlook 2013 appears to ignore all my applied widths - I have tried pixels and percentages with negative results. I can provide my full code if it helps but since I can only guess where the rendering problems begin I don't have a specific snippet to provide.

This is a first step to what will eventually include mobile styling so I want to get the desktop and online displays nailed down before diving too far into mobile styling.